Great Discount Place - Objective's

Basic Objective?

Advertisement/Marketing/Promotion: Great Voucher Place has a 100% strike rate for advertising, marketing & promotions purposes. This is so, because it reaches the hands of the desired demographics directly, constant recall due to the structure of the voucher sheets and WOM (word of mouth). This basic objective also carries a very affordable/ negligible cost for the campaign & an aggressive ROI. The campaign has thought us that every voucher reaches an average of 10 consumer eye balls.

Technical Objective?

Sales/revenue/business: Great Voucher Place “places” the entire business to the consumer as a discount/deal/offer listing platform. The consumer is targeted as a spending consumer that has multiple choices. The idea here is, look for the desired discount/deal/offer and visit the partner on real time basis. We spin this campaign not as an advertising/promotion or marketing campaign, but also a revenue generating campaign for the partner and a money saving campaign for the consumer. The Basic objective is unanimous and important. Consumer education is a must. But, the Technical Objective is the chink in the armor for the partners.

Desired Objective?

Consumer turnaround: Great Voucher Place has created a unique platform enabling the interaction, consumer service and income to be on real time basis. No hidden agenda, no hidden cost and no beating around the bush. This platform desires to create “repeat/sticky” consumers for the partner.

Additionally, we at Great Voucher Place treat the cost of the campaign as the CAC (Consumer Acquisition Cost) for the participating brand. A lower single digit cost per consumer is pretty aggressive.

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Great Discount Place

Addressing the 5 T’s” Time, Type, Tariff, Technology and Travel between the partner and the consumer.

The partner is listed on Great Discount Place to be able to reach a larger and broader set of consumers and be able to service repeat consumers.

Great Discount Place does not charge a commission and a revenue share and if you have participated on the Great Voucher Place campaign, you will get listed FREE on Great Discount Place for the duration of your campaign.

Unlimited consumers can use your services through Great Discount Place, unlimited number of times.

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