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Great Discount Place
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What is expected from merchants/retailers/businesses?

To offer a flat discount to the consumer on the final bill without restrictions - (valid 365 days/year) including black out days.

Your Job at Great Discount Place?

To provide motivational choices to the consumer, let them decide what, how and why they would like to visit your business for your services and/or products.

This leads directly to a real time interaction that leads to real time income for your business.

USP’s of Great Discount Place for the merchants/retailers/businesses?

  • No commission or revenue share from the merchant/vendor/business.
  • Listing on Great Discount Place is free, if you participate in any Great Voucher Place campaign. If not participating in a Great Voucher Place campaign, then a monthly fee is applicable to get listed.
  • Panic Button – for consumer safety.
  • With the alliance of Great Voucher Place, We have increased the chances of consumer conversions by over 75%. Give customers a motivational discount and the consumer will walk the last mile.
  • This platform ideal for direct customer service. Great opportunity to convert the customer into repeat customers and eventually sticky customers.
  • Great Discount Place is GPS oriented and the closest merchant/vendor and their offered discount is showcased to the consumer and their current location.
  • Do you want to get listed?

    Send us the below details:
  • Logo.
  • The Discount offered (merchants/retailers/businesses offer) on the final bill - no restrictions – at this moment on flat discounts on the final bill are accepted on Great Discount place and not deals and offers.
  • Full business address with the pin code.
  • Name of the manager of the business (present all the times).
  • Mobile number that will be listed on the app (the number that will get a text message every time the customer grabs a deal from the Great Discount Place).
  • Email us the above information to: (in your email, please specify if you are visiting us from Great Voucher Place).
  • Owners or Head of the business - Name, mobile number & email address.

    Please Note: Multiple locations can be listed on Great Discount Place, but we would need the above information for each location/business.